Project Name   Rashidpur-Ashuganj gas transmission Project(2nd stage)(Rashidpur-Habiganj Part: 30" dia, 28 KM)
Project Type   Completed
Objective   The main objectives of the project (30" dia, 82 KM)is to facilitate transmission of increamental production of North-Eastern gas fields i.e. Kailastilla, Beanibazar, Jalalabad, Fenchuganj, Rashidpur, Bibiyana, Habiganj and Titas to national gas grid for meeting the demand of Titas Francise Area(TFA), Bakhrabad Francise Area(BFA)and Wes gas. It will be possible to transmit gas through the proposed loop line at the rate of 375-425 MMCFD at 900-850 psig to Ashuganj Metering Station.
Salient Feature   i)Linepipe a)Mainline 762 MMOD b)Crossing/Heavy wall 762 MMOD ii)Coating Matarials (a) 3LPE/polyethylene (b) CWC iii) Ball ValVes 762 MM Launcher 600, 762 MM Receiver 600 iv) Scraper Trap v) Induction Bends 8D Radius vi)Insulating Joints 762 MMOD 600 vii) Anchor Flangsviii) Relief Valves ix)Needle Valves 12 MM 300 x) CP Matarials (TEG sets, Half cell,Anodes, Test Points, Cable etc. ).

Others   Starting date July 2002, completion date May 2005. Approved Total cost Tk 113.47 crore(foreign:--, Local, 113.47). Actual cost Tk 95.55 crore(foreign:--, Local, 95.55)
Contact Information  GM (Planning)
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