Project Name   Nalka-Bagra gas Transmission Project
Project Type   Completed
Objective   the objective of the project is to construct 6 km (30" dia) and 54 km (20" dia) high presure Gas Transmission Pipe Line from Nalka to Bogra in order to incorporate the Bogra town under national gas network.
Salient Feature   i) Linepipe a) mainline 30" dia. OD b) mainline 20" dia. OD c) River and road Crossing 30" dia. OD d) River and road Crossing 20" dia. OD e) 36" dia casing pipe. f) 24" dia casing pipe. g) Bare Pipe 16" dia OD. ii) Induction Bends 8D a) 30" dia OD. b) 20" dia OD. iii) Ball Valves iv) Coating Materials a) CWC/3LPE for 30" dia pipe. b) CWC/3LPE for 20" dia pipe. v) Scraper Traps. vii) Butt Weld Fittings, Tee's Elbows, Gauges, Insulating Joints, Anchor Flanges and Small dia Valves, Expander etc. viii) Measuring/Controlling/Regulating Station and Instrumentation(TBS at Bogra).

Others   Starting date July 2003 , completion date June 2006. Approved Total cost Tk 124.31 crore(foreign:45.00, Local,79.31). Actual cost Tk 98.56 crore(foreign:40.33, Local, 58.23)
Contact Information  GM (Planning)
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