Project Name   Ashugang-Monohordi Gas Transmission Pipe Line Project.
Project Type   Completed
Objective   The main objective of the proposed project is to facilitate adequate supply of natural gas at a static pressure to existing/being implemented power plants as well as to gas based industries, fertilizer factory and small /big commercial units in Ghorashal and nearby areas of Dhaka City under Titas franchise area. After successful implementation of the proposed loop line it will be possible to transmit about 400 MMCFD gas from Ashuganj at a static pressure of 875 Psig to Monohordi at 840 Psig.
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Others   Starting date July 2003, completion date July 2007. Approved Total cost Tk 190.34 crore(foreign:99.19, Local:91.15). Actual cost Tk 179.54 crore(foreign:N/A, Local:179.54 crore)
Contact Information  Jameel A Aleem, Project Manager, Telephone: 9356931
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