Project Name   Monohordi-Dhanua and Elanga- East Bank of Bangabandhu Bridge Gas Transmission Pipeline (30 inch dia, 51km)
Project Type   Completed
Objective   General : The main pbjective of the project is to construct 30" dia 52 km pipeline from Dhanua to Elenga parallel to 24" dia pipeline and 30" dia 14 km pipeline from West Bank of Bangabandhu Bridge to Nalka parallel to the existing 24" dia pipeline with a view to enhance the overall efficiency of the Natural Gas Gride. The another objective of the pipeline is to supply un-interrupted additional gas existing Power Plant, Fertilizer Factory and Other Industries under TGTDCL, PGCL and SGCL Franchhise areas and proposed gas based 450 MW Power Plant at Sirajganj and well as 450 MW gas based under contruction Power Plant at Bharamara. Specific : To construct 02 parallel 30" dia X 52 km 1000 psig gas transmission loop line with existing 24" dia X 52 km X 1000 psig gas transmission pipeline from Dhanua-Elenga and 24" dia X 14 km X 1000 psig gas transmission pipeline from West Bank of Bangabandhu Bridge-Nalka with a view to transporting natural gas production from Bibyana and othe Gas Field.
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