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Gas Transmission Company Limited

The idea for creation of National Gas Transmission Company was conceived in the year 1987 on the basis of recommendation made by Coopers and Librand Associated, a Consultant appointed by DFID ( the then ODA) as a co-financier of multi-donor (IDA,CIDA,OPEC) funded Second Gas Development Project (SGDP). The terms of reference of the Consultant was to review the structure of Petrobangla and its companies concurrently with the Financial, Legal and Administrative framework and make recommendation for necessary changes, Accordingly they proposed to create a number of companies including a National Gas Transmission Company .

The separation of transmission from distribution is a very common practice where multi-field production is to be piped over a large geographical area to a number of distribution region.



Company during FY 2017-2018 has transported gas by its 1,651.43 km pipeline of 10-inch, 12-inch, 20-inch, 24-inch, 30-inch & 36-inch diameter of 960-1050 psig operating pressure for the franchise areas of Titas, Bakhrabad, Karnaphuli, Jalalabad, Paschimanchal and Sundarban gas distribution companies with 14,786.7, 2,525.3, 2,148.0, 1,590.9, 527.2 & 333.3 million cubic meters respectively totaling to 21,911.4 million cubic meter, which is 0.37% higher than the previous year. On the other hand, transported 338.037 million liters condensate, which is 3.28% higher than the previous year, through the 6-inch & 4-inch 193-km North-South Condensate Pipeline from Jalabad and Bibiyana gas fields. Information & data of the gas flow through the national gas grid are being monitored through Master Control Center, Head Office at Dhaka and Auxiliary Control Center (ACC), Ashuganj of under implemented SCADA Rehabilitation Project. All possible assistances are being extended for load balancing of the transmission grid throughout the country from the SCADA Control Centers.

Project Highlights

Completion of HDD of River Karnophuli


Titas well 23 & 24 (Sharail) to Khatihata and well 25 & 26 (Malihta) to Khatihata a transmission pipeline construction


Construction of Head Office Building Project


Construction of Moheshkhali-Anwara Parallel Pipeline



Construction of Chittagong-Feni-Bakhrabad Gas Transmission Parallel Pipeline


Construction of Moheshkhali Zeropoint Pipeline Project