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Through GTCL operated pipelines and designated delivery points have delivered gas, during FY 2018-2019, to franchise areas of Titas, Bakhrabad, Karnaphuli, Jalalabad, Pashchimanchal and Sundarban gas distribution companies with 1536.84, 271.41, 317.47, 188.57, 124.85 & 39.52 crore cubic meters respectively totaling to 2478.65 crore cubic meter, which is 13.12% higher than the previous year. On the other hand, transported 2495.89 lac liters condensate, which is 26.16% less than the previous year, by North-South Pipeline from Chevron operated Jalalabad and Bibiyana gas fields.

Information & data of the gas flow through the national gas grid are being monitored and stored at newly constructed Master Control Center (MCC) at GTCL Head Office and Auxiliary Control Center (ACC) at Ashuganj built by SCADA & Telecom Department. Assistances from Agargaon, Ashuganj and Elenga SCADA Control Centers are being provided for load balancing of the transmission grid all over the country. We may kindly note that the SCADA Rehabilitation project was undertaken for ease of monitoring the entire gas networks in the country through SCADA system.


For gas transmission at increased pressure, quick response in managing the line pack of the transmission pipelines and as low cost alternative to constructing pipeline, the Compressor stations at Ashuganj and Elenga having capacities of 1,500 mmscfd and 500 mmscfd respectively have been installed. As an important element of the national gas grid, the Compressor stations installed at Ashuganj & Elenga are supply gas for increased gas pressure & flow at all off-transmission withdrawal points of distribution companies.

The Ashuganj Compressor Stations has three units of 750 mmscfd capacity each to operate two unites of 1,500 mmscfd (2*750=1500) capacity while the other unit as standby. Each unit of Ashuganj Compressor Station has been designed for gas suction pressure of 680 psig with gas discharge pressure 1,000 psig. On the other hand, the Elenga Compressor Station has three units of 250 mmscfd capacity each to operate two units of 500 mmscfd (2×250=500) while the other unit as standby. Each unit of Elenga Compressor Station has been designed for gas suction pressure of 650 psig with gas discharge pressure 1,000 psig. On commissioning of Compressor Stations, it has been possible to supply up to additional 150-200 mmscfd gas to the grid.


To meet the ever-increasing gas demand in the country, Government has taken actvities for import of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). Excelerate Energy Bangladesh Limited, an American company, has completed all necessary works for installation of 500 mmscfd equivalent Floatng Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU) at Maheshkhali in Cox’s Bazar. From 18 August 2018, commenced transmission of 100 mmscfd gas to natonal gas grid from FSRU installed at Maheshkhali, Cox’s Bazar which gradually increased to 300 mmscfd to supply to KGDCL. On completion of Karnaphuli River Crossing under Anwara-Fouzdarhat gas transmission pipeline project, the national gas grid attained the capacity of transmission of additional gas including the remaining 200 mmscfd gas. Works for installation of another 500 mmscfd FSRU in the deep sea by Summit Corporation Limited, a private enterprise, has been completed in April 2019. Gas supply to the national gas grid commenced from 29-04-2019 from that FSRU. In addition, it has been planned to install by different public, private & foreign companies more floating/land based terminals at Maheshkhali, Kutubdia and near Payra Sea Port in Patuakhali District. For supplying imported LNG to national gas grid, works are in progress for installation of Maheshkhali-Anwara parallel gas transmission pipeline, gas transmission pipeline at Maheshkhali zero point, Chitagong-Feni-Bakhrabad gas transmission pipeline and Dhanua-Nalka & West Bank of Bangabandhu Bridge-Nalka gas transmission pipeline. For installation of gas transmission pipeline in the North & South-Western region of the country, works are in progress for supplying gas to Bogra-Rangpur-Saidpur.


The Company has signed on 11-6-2018 the Annual Performance Agreement with Petrobangla for FY 2018-2019 under Government Performance Management System. Achieved as required as per the main important actvities under strategic objectives of the signed agreement like: monitoring of the implementation of Annual Performance Agreement during FY 2018-2019, submission of half-yearly evaluation report, arrangements of training of officials & staffs on different subjects including management of government works, preparation of updated list of movable & immovable properties, implementation of Grievance Redress System, preparation of national integrity work programs & monitoring structure, updating the Information Window etc. The Company has earned score of 94.30% in all actvities for fulfillment of required strategic objectives under the Annual Performance Agreement signed with Petrobangla for FY 2018-2019.


Ethics Committee has been constituted on 31-5-2015 comprising Managing Director as Chairperson & all General Managers as Members for drawing up and implement the National Integrity Strategy in the Company as per instructions of administrative ministry and Petrobangla to establish good governance with the firm commitment to create Golden Bangla. Since FY 2015-2016, the Committee is drawing-up for each year time-bound implementation work-program & monitoring structure for implementation of national integrity strategy in the Company. Work programs drawn up for FY 2018-2019 were implemented one hundred percent. The implementation status of target & achievements of the stated work programs for each quarter are being provided to the corporation regularly. Permanent inspection committees have been constituted in all field level offices and establishments for implementation of the integrity strategy. On inspection in three months time, the committee submits its reports regularly. The suggestions mentioned in the committee reports are implemented rightly. To encourage the official & staff to culture the integrity strategy, one officer and one staff of the Company were awarded the strategy reward during FY 2018-2019 as per government announced Policy on Strategy Reward, 2017.


To bring dynamism & transparencies in Company’s official works, implemented ERP/EAM System under World Bank financing. Six modules of the said ERP/EAM System, all bill payment, financial & administrative approval, budget clearance, preservation of all personal information & management of all officials and staffs, biometrics attendance, all leave application & approval, paying salaries and all actvities of inventory management are being performed. Besides these, dispatch managements, document managements, nomination for training, submission of training report and notices for meetings by e-filling among the Divisions/Projects/Departments/Committees are being regularly performed. For increasing the use of e-filing uploading of all letters from Ministry, Petrobangla, other companies, vendors and contractors are being efficiently performed at the Front Desk. The GTCL website developed with dynamic, responsive & interactive features is operating & maintaining rightly. At the ground floor of the Head Office Building, installed digital departmental indications (Digital Display Board) from where the recipients of services are getting information of the designated officials for getting their services. Internet service of the Head Office has been raised by the ICT Department to 136 mbps from 115 mbps to maintain uninterrupted internet services. A digital PABX of 8+166 lines has been installed in the Head Office Building to maintain the inter- communications among the officials of the Company. Security services of the Head Office Building are now being performed by using CC Camera.


Innovation committee is in work in the Company to bring dynamism and to formulate easy way to process for providing better citizen services and bringing new innovation and to culture it in public administration. The committee in its monthly meeting review all ideas received from different offices for implementation in the Company. During FY 2018-2019, under the innovative assiduity a Digital Display Board containing the locations of the officials has been installed in the Company building. The Display Board displays the name, designation & telephone number of Managing Director, all General Manager/Director, Dy. General Manager, Project Director and pictorial illustration of implemented & ongoing projects and their list. Necessary initiative have been taken for installation of Public Addressing System (PA System) for dissipating immediate information to all officials and staffs working the office of any incidents arising from electrical short circuit and happening of any unwanted situations.