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The Company operated gas and condensate pipelines have delivered gas at designated points during FY 2020-2021 to franchise areas of Titas, Bakhrabad, Karnaphuli, Jalalabad, Parchimanchal and Sundarban gas distribution companies with 15,966.40, 2,638.1, 3,168.3, 1,705.9, 1,589.6 & 528.9 million cubic meters respectively totaling to 25,597.17 million cubic meter, which is 1.27% higher than the previous year. On the other hand, transported 361.33 million liters condensate, which is 54.63% higher than the previous year, by North-South Pipeline from Chevron operated Jalalabad and Bibiyana gas fields.

Information & data of the gas flow through the national gas grid are being continuously monitored and stored at Master Control Center (MCC) at Company Head Office at Agargaon and Auxiliary Control Center (ACC) at Ashuganj by SCADA System. Assistances from Agargaon, Ashuganj and Elenga SCADA Control Centers are being provided for load balancing of the transmission grid all over the country. SCADA Systems are being regularly maintained to keep it on running. Installations of equipment of SCADA Systems have been completed on 3 Mainline Valve Stations and Anwara CTMS under Moheshkhali-Anowara Parallel Gas Transmission Pipeline Project.


Compressor Stations, installed at Ashuganj and Elenga, are being used as important units of the National Gas Grid for increasing pressure and flow to supply gas at specified pressure and flow at different off-transmission points. Ashuganj Compressor Station has 750 mmscfd capacity 3 unites, out of which 2 unites are in operation and one unit remains as standby. Ashuganj Compressor Station has designed suction pressure of 680 psig and discharge pressure of 1000 psig. On the other hand, Elenga Compressor Station has 250 mmscfd capacity 3 unites, out of which 2 unites are in operation and one unit remains as standby. Elenga Compressor Station has designed suction pressure of 650 psig and discharge pressure of 1000 psig. Additional 150-200 mmscfd gas is being supplied by operating the compressor stations and has eased greatly the low gas pressure situation of gas in the country.

Long Term Service Contract (LTSC) is in operation for 5 years with Siemens Bangladesh Ltd to provide schedule & preventive maintenances, overhauling, technical supervision, PCS7 up-gradation, training and supply of consumables & spares for Ashuganj & Elenga Compressor Stations. Long Term Service Contract (LTSC) is in operation for the two stations for 5 years with Instrumentation Engineers Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd, Singapore for providing schedule, preventive & emergency maintenances, supervision, supply of carrier gas & calibration gas, training and supply of spare parts for Distributed Control System (DCS) i.e. DELTAV Operating Software System and Gas Chromatograph.  Long Term Service Contract (LTSC) is in operation for 3 years with Bangla Trac Limited (Bangla CAT) for schedule maintenance, supervision & supply of spare parts of Gas Engine Generators (GEG) of Ashuganj and Elenga Compressor Station. Other than these, contract has been extended for one year from July 2021 with SEPCO Electric Power Construction Corporation, China for operation & maintenance works of the Ashuganj & Elenga Compressor Stations. For enhancing the capability of Company personnel on O&M of Compressor Station, different trainings were arranged, but could not be implemented due to COVID-19 Pandemic. Besides, modification works for increasing the operational flexibility of Ashuganj Compressor Station have been completed for which more RLNG are now transported to Dhaka City and Northwestern region of the country..

Transmission activities of RLNG from Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

Excelerate Energy Bangladesh Limited, an American company, has installed a 500 mmscfd capacity Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU) at the deep sea in Moheshkhali in Cox’s Bazar on 18-08-2018 and Summit Corporation Limited, a private enterprise, on 29-04-2019 has installation another 500 mmscfd capacity FSRU. These two FSRU supplied 6,119.24 mmscm gas (RLNG) to the National Gas Grid during FY 2020-2021.



Under Government Performance Management System, the remarkable achievements of the Company against the strategic objectives within the agreement signed on 29-07-2020 with Petrobangla for the FY 2020-2021 are given below:


ActivitiesTarget for FY 2020-2021Achievement during FY 2020-2021
Gas supply to distribution companies by the Company networks923 bcf903.96 bcf
Installation of Cathodic Protection System181 km181 km
Operation of Cathodic Protection System1953 km1953 km
On Stream Pigging of Pipeline60 km60 lm
Revenue collection for profitable operationTk.1,070 CroreTk.1,120.17 Crore
Operation of Ashuganj and Elenga Compressor Stations48 Functional Machine Months48 Functional Machine Months
Expansion of gas transmission pipeline15 km15 km
Installation of Gas station (CGS, TBS, RMS)4 nos.4 nos.
Operation of National Gas Grid by SCADA12 Functional Months12 Functional Months
Construction of physical infrastructure6 nos.6 nos.
Manpower Training500 persons561 persons
Manpower Recruitment90 persons17 persons
Plantation500 nos.500 nos.
Cautionary announcement (Festoon, Banner) against COVID-1950 nos.50 nos.


Besides these, achieved as per target of the signed Agreement all important activities like: implementation of e-filling, implementation of innovation initiatives/small scale development project implementation, imparting training to employees, encouragement of implementation of APA, implementation of annual procurement plan, Annual Development Program (ADP)/Budget implementation, taking-up of settlement of audit objections, preparation of updated list of movable & immovable properties etc.

The Company has earned score of 96.78% on all activities for fulfillment of strategic objectives and mandatory requirements of strategic objectives under the Annual Performance Agreement signed with Petrobangla for FY 2020-2021.


As an assisting process for formulation & implementation of the National Integrity Strategy in the Company for establishment of good governance with the firm commitment of creating Golden Bangla, Ethics Committee has prepared and submitted to Petrobangla the time bound Plans & Monitoring Structure for FY 2020-2021 as per instructions of administrative ministry and Petrobangla. Permanent inspection committee submits regularly their reports after inspection of all field offices & establishments in every six months-time about implementation of National Integrity Strategy. The suggestions of the committee in their reports are implemented in the Company. To encourage the official & staff to culture the integrity strategy under National Integrity Strategy, one officer and one staff of the Company were awarded the strategy reward during FY 2020-2021 as per government announced ‘Policy on Strategy Reward, 2017’.


Enterprise Resource Planning/Enterprise Asset Management (ERP/EAM) Systems are in operation for smoothly performing the Company’s official works. At present payments of all bills, obtaining financial & administrative approval, budget clearances, preservation and managements of all personal information of all officials and staffs, leave applications & approval, paying of salaries etc. are being done with six modules of the ERP/EAM System and maintenance works of ERP Systems are in progress. Besides these, the important meetings are in progress online using ZOOM application.

The works for inviting tenders are in progress for installation of Explosion Proof IP Cameras and Sound Systems at the Platform constructed at Mashekhali Zero Point. To bring under the continuous surveillance of Zonal Offices in Eastern Zone and Western Zone, CGS, TBS & CTMS have been taken-up the works for installation of IP Cameras.

To increase inter departmental communications, the extension of PABX connections up to the level of Deputy Manager of the Company have been established. Total 120 new PABX connections have been given till now and regular maintenances are in progress. Public Addressing System has been installed for announcing instructions for safely leaving the Head Office Building immediately at the time of occurrence of a dangerous event creating emergency situation. The maintenance works of which are being performed.

For observance of Birth Centenary of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman & the Golden Jubilee of Independence and to display all development works of the Company, a digital display has been installed at the front of the Head Office Building.


Innovation Team has been constituted in the Company to bring dynamism in works and to formulate easy way to process for providing better citizen services. IP Camera System has been installed in the Company Head Office to strengthen the Head Office security measure and to improve the work environment. Under the program, total 91 Cameras having 48 Digital Recorder (DVR) and 43 Cameras have been installed in all the floors of the Head Office Building. IP Cameras are connected with Network Video Recorder (NVR) Device through Power Over Ethernet (PoE) switch. It is possible to monitor the Building security from anywhere by log-in to internet.