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Company during FY 2017-2018 has transported gas by its 1,651.43 km pipeline of 10-inch, 12-inch, 20-inch, 24-inch, 30-inch & 36-inch diameter of 960-1050 psig operating pressure for the franchise areas of Titas, Bakhrabad, Karnaphuli, Jalalabad, Paschimanchal and Sundarban gas distribution companies with 14,786.7, 2,525.3, 2,148.0, 1,590.9, 527.2 & 333.3 million cubic meters respectively totaling to 21,911.4 million cubic meter, which is 0.37% higher than the previous year. On the other hand, transported 338.037 million liters condensate, which is 3.28% higher than the previous year, through the 6-inch & 4-inch 193-km North-South Condensate Pipeline from Jalabad and Bibiyana gas fields. Information & data of the gas flow through the national gas grid are being monitored through Master Control Center, Head Office at Dhaka and Auxiliary Control Center (ACC), Ashuganj of under implemented SCADA Rehabilitation Project. All possible assistances are being extended for load balancing of the transmission grid throughout the country from the SCADA Control Centers.


Compressor stations at Ashuganj and Elenga having capacities of 1,500 mmscfd and 500 mmscfd respectively for managing the line pack of the transmission pipelines and to reduce low gas pressure of the national gas grid have been installed by Hyundai Engineering Company Limited, Korea, a turn-key contractor, under a contract signed on 21 October, 2011 having validity up to 30 June 2018. Compressor station installed at Ashuganj, an important component of the national gas transmission grid, are being used to maintain the gas supply at required pressure & flow to all off-transmission withdrawal points of distribution companies. The project was implemented with a loan of USD 104.15 million from Asian Development Bank, Tk. 54,477.15 Lac from the development head of the Government budget of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh & Tk. 3,023.99 Lac from the revenue head of GTCL.

The Ashuganj Compressor Stations has three units of 750 mmscfd capacity each to operate two unites of 1,500 mmscfd (2*750=1500) capacity while the other unit as standby. Each unit of Ashuganj Compressor Station has been designed for gas suction pressure of 680 psig with gas discharge pressure 1,000 psig. On the other hand, the Elenga Compressor Station has three units of 250 mmscfd capacity each to operate two units of 500 mmscfd (2×250=500) while the other unit as standby. Each unit of Elenga Compressor Station has been designed for gas suction pressure of 650 psig with gas discharge pressure 1,000 psig. On commissioning of Compressor Stations, it has been possible to supply up to additional 150-200 mmscfd gas to the grid.


To meet the ever-increasing gas demand in the country, all activities are in progress as per decision of the government to import Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). Excelerate Energy Bangladesh Limited, an American company, has completed all necessary works the installation of 500 mmscfd equivalent Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU) at Moheshkhali in Cox’s Bazar. Initially from 18 August 2018, commenced transmission of 100 mmscfd gas to national gas grid from FSRU installed at Moheshkhali, Cox’s Bazar which gradually increased to 300 mmscfd to supply to KGDCL. On completion of Karnaphuli River Crossing under Anwara-Fouzdarhat gas transmission pipeline, national grid to attain the capacity of transmission of additional gas including the remaining 200 mmscfd gas. Works for installation of another 500 mmscfd FSRU in the deep sea by Summit NGL Terminal Co. (Pvt.) Limited, a private enterprise, are in progress. On completion of this FSRU by April, 2019, it would add additional 500 mmscfd gas to the national grid. Additionally, it has been planned to install by different public, private & foreign companies more floating/land-based terminals at Moheshkhali, Kutubdia and near Payra Sea Port in Patuakhali. For evacuating imported LNG, the Company has, in the meantime, initiated all works for construction of Moheshkhali-Anwara parallel gas transmission pipeline, gas transmission pipeline at Moheshkhali zero point and Chittagong-Feni-Bakhrabad gas transmission pipeline including preparatory works for installation of gas transmission networks in the South & South-western region of the country.


The Company has signed on 14-6-2018 the Annual Performance Agreement with Petrobangla for FY 2017-2018 under Government Performance Management System. The targets like: monitoring of the implementation of Annual Performance Agreement of FY 2017-2018, submission of half-yearly evaluation report, arrangements of training of officials & staffs on different subjects including Government Performance Management System, implementation of National Integrity Strategy, updating the In-formation Window, implementation of innovative program in service type works, implementation of Grievance Redress System etc. The Company has earned score of 94.04 in all activities for fulfillment of required strategic Objectives under the Annual Performance Agreement signed with Petrobangla for FY 2017-2018.


To establish good-governance with firm conviction to build “Golden Bangla”, National Integrity Strategy has been drawn-up. The Vision of the strategy is to create Happy-Developed Sonar Bangla. This is the expected goal of the struggling mass of Bangladesh. Good Governance in the state, establishments & society would be established to attain such. All works for drawing-up National Integrity Strategy in the Company and its implementation are being carried out by a constituted Integrity Committee as per instructions of administrative Ministry and Petrobangla. For implementation of National Integrity Strategy in the Company for FY 2017-2018, the Integrity Committee drawn-up the time-bound “National Integrity Strategy Work-program and Monitoring Framework”. Minutes of the monthly meeting of the Committee on the stated issues and three months’ progress report are submitted to Petrobangla. The implementation of the work-program is satisfactory for the year.


To bring dynamism & transparencies in official works such as dispatch managements, documents managements, all approvals, budget clearances, recreation leave, attendance report, nomination for training, submission of training report and notices for meetings by e-filling among the Divisions/Projects/Departments/Committees are being regularly performed by the Company. For use of e-filing, a front desk has been opened to upload all correspondences as received from Ministry of Power, Energy & Mineral Resources, Petrobangla, other companies and vendors & contractors. GTCL is also implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)/ Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Software System. Already the activities of ERP software has started. Now GTCL is just one step behind to be recognized as a “paper less office”. Website of the Company has been developed. The ICT Department has raised the internet speed of the Head Office Building to 136 mbps from 115 mbps to maintain uninterrupted internet services. A digital PABX of 8+166 lines has been installed in the head Office Building to maintain the inter-communications among the officials of the Company.


Innovation Team has been constituted in the Company to bring dynamism & to formulate easy way to process for providing better citizen services and brining new innovation & to culture it in public administration. Innovation Team held its monthly meetings. Company’s Website has been developed with dynamic, responsive & interactive features from idea received from the Company’s Idea-Box. In addition to the Idea-Box established in the Company’s Head Office, a Web Portal Platform has been created & incorporated in the Company’s Website to submit of online ideas. Besides, a Digital Display Board has been installed in the Ground Floor of the Company’s Head Office depicting locations of different Divisions and Departments through which the stakeholders can receive services from specific officials.