Ref. No.Tender NoticePosted dateTender document
২৮.১৪.০০০০.১১৮.০১.০০১.১৯Procurement of Foam Pig and Polyurethane Cup Pig with Magnet for 30″ OD Pipeline Pigging.January 15, 2019   
২৮.১৪.০০০০.২০৩.৫৩.০০৬.১৯.১০৮৬e-Tenders are invited in the National e-GP System Portal ( for procurement.March 3, 2019   
২৮.১৪.০০০০.৮২৫.০১.০২৪.১৯.৩৪Construction of Bogura-Rangpur-Saidpur Gas transmission Pipeline Project.February 25, 2019   
২৮.১৪.০০০০.১২৮.১০.০০১.১৯Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Area Lighting Works at Ashuganj Compressor Station & Ashuganj Gas Manifold Station (AGMS), Ashuganj and Khatihata Gas Metering and Manifold station Brahmanbaria under Gas Transmission Company Limited.February 13, 2019   
২৮.১৪.০০০০.১১৮.৫৬.০০৩.১৮E–Tenders are invited for the procurement of New Fire Extinguisher for RTD-Khulna and Refilling Servicing & Painting of Old Fire Extinguishers at Head Office, Dhaka.November 29, 2018   
২৮.১৪.০০০০.১৪৫.২২.০০২.১৮Invitation for Tenders for Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Works for Ashuganj and Elenga Gas Compressor Stations.November 29, 2018   
২৮.১৪.০০০০.২৩১.০১.০০২.১৮Pipeline Protection at Rail Crossing point over 20 inch dia Bheramara-Khulna high Pressure gas pipeline at Moshiali, Fultala, Khulna.November 28, 2018   
২৮.১৪.০০০০.২০৩.৫২.০১৬.১৮.১০০৮e-Tenders are invited in the National e-GP System Portal ( for procurement.November 11, 2018   
28.14.0000.824.45.001.18Addendum-1 date: Nov 06, 2018 (Amendment of Bid Security Amount) For Procurement of 1500 MMCFD CTMS at Maheshkhali on EPC Basis.November 7, 2018   
২৮.১৪.০০০০.২০৩.২৬.০১৫.১৮e-Tenders are invited in the National e-GP System Portal ( for procurement.October 21, 2018