Ref. No.Tender NoticePosted dateTender document
২৮.১৪.০০০০.১৪৫.২২.০০১.১৮(আর)আশুগঞ্জ ও এলেনা গ্যাস কম্প্রেসর স্টেশন সম্পূর্ণ কভারেজ অপারেশন এবং রক্ষণাবেক্ষণ (ওএন্ড এম)April 19, 2018   
28.14.0000.817.02.008.17(3)Addendum -2- Extension of Deadline for Bid Submission and Opening of Technical Bid as per ITB 24 and Bid Opening as per ITB 27 of Section-1 of the Bidding Document for Design, Build, Procurement & Supply, Installation, Construction, Testing and Commissioning of 1(one) 200 MMSCFD capacity Town Border Station at Mirsharai, Chittagong, 1(one) 120 MMSCFD capacity Town Border Station at Bizra, Comilla and 1(one) 800 MMSCFD capacity Metering Station at Bakhrabad, Comilla on Turn-Key (EPC) basis under Construction of Chittagong-Feni-Bakhrabad Gas Transmission Parallel Pipeline ProjectFebruary 1, 2018   
28.14.0000. ID No. 151949. Epoxy painting works of above ground pipelines, Regulating & Metering Stations, Valve Stations, PIG Trap Stations and all other above ground facilities if GTCL operated Bonpara-Rajshahi, Hatikumrul-Bheramara, Bheramara-Khulna & Dhanua-Savar Gas Transmission pipelines.January 11, 2018   
28.14.0000.817.02.003.17Tender ID No-151021, Land Development Work at Fouzdarhat Station Chittagong under Anowara-Fouzdarhat Gas Transmission Pipeline Project.April 2, 2018   
28.14.0000. ID No-151044, Construction of Retaining Wall & Boundary Wall at Fouzdarhat Station Chittagong under Anowara-Fouzdarhat Gas Transmission Pipeline Project.January 7, 2018
28.14.0000.817.02.003.17Sub-soil Investigation & Digital Topographic Survaey Work at 4 (Four) no,s Proposed Station at Muradbagar-Comilla, Bizra-Comilla, Feni & Mirsharai-Chittagong under Chittagong-Feni-Bakhrabad Gas Transmission Pipeline Project.December 28, 2017   
28.14.0000.817.02.003.17Construction of Internal Road and other associated civil works inside temporary Pipe Yard of Chittagong-Feni- Bakhrabad Gas Transmission Parallel Pipeline Project at Sitakundu, Chittagong.”December 28, 2017