Compressor Station Project

/Compressor Station Project

Compressor Station Project

Objective of the Project: Increase of gas transmission capacity of pipelines downstream of Ashuganj Manifold Station and Elenga Manifold Station and additional gas supply to the national grid.

Implementation Period: January 2006 to September 2017. Since some work could not be completed within the initial period for which action has been taken to extend the project implementation up to June 2018 under 2nd RDPP.

Finance: GoB, Own fund of GTCL and Asian Development Bank.

Project Cost: Foreign Cost USD 104.15 million, Local Cost: Tk. 57,501.14 Lac (GoB Tk. 54,477.15 Lac and GTCL: Tk. 3,023.99 Lac).

Progress of Project Implementation: The project is being implemented under Natural Gas Access Progress of Project Implementation: The project is being implemented under Natural Gas Access Improvement Project (NGAIP) to gas pressure & flow at the consumer ends of different gas marketing companies. Compressor Stations, installed at Ashuganj & Elenga, are very important components of the national gas grid and are being used to supply gas at desired pressure & flow at different off-transmission points. Hyundai Engineering Company Limited, Korea has completed commissioning of 6 compressor unites. Two units of three installed at Ashuganj, if operated at full capacity, are capable to supply 1500 mmscfd gas subject to availability of gas from the upstream. The other unit will be always being standby mode. At present, additional gas with higher pressure is being supplied to the downstream pipelines grid from operating 2 units of the Ashuganj Compressor Station. Having not sufficient pressure at Elenga and not having enough gas demand downstream of Elenga, it is not possible to operate the Elenga Compressor Station. Action will be taken to operate the Elenga Compressor Station when gas pressure/flow increases at Elenga end of the national gas grid.

To acquire knowledge on compressor operations, 25 officials of the Company in 5 groups have been trained at ESD Simulation Training Institute, Scotland, UK. Although the contractor’s work has been completed on 30 September 2017 as per agreement, by amicable settlement the contractor is operating and maintaining (except the materials/ spares) the Compressor Stations at their cost from 1 October 2017 to 30 June 2018.

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