Construction of Anowara-Fouzdarhat Gas Transmission Pipeline

/Construction of Anowara-Fouzdarhat Gas Transmission Pipeline

Construction of Anowara-Fouzdarhat Gas Transmission Pipeline


Objective of the Project: Construction of 42-inch 30-km gas transmission pipeline from Anowara, Chittagong to Fouzdarhat to transport re-gasified Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) for supplying to the distribution areas of KGDCL to ease the present gas deficit in the country.

Implementation Period: April 2016 to December 2017.

Source of Finance: GTCL and three companies (TGTDCL, KGDCL & BGDCL) of Petrobangla

Project Cost: Tk. 77,611.00 Lac


Progress of Project Implementation: Considering the importance of the project, it has been decided that the project would be implemented as Fast Track under “Power and Energy Quick Supply Augmentation (Special Provision) Act, 2010 (Amended Act-2015)”. Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) has approved on 6-12-2016 the DPP for the project. Route survey, EIA and Soil & Sub-soil investigations have been completed by now. Contract signed with the supplier and LC opened for importation under Package-1 (Lot-A: Line Pipe, Lot-B: Coating & Wrapping Materials), Package-2 (Lot-A: Induction Bends, Lot-B: Fittings, Pig Traps, CP Materials and TEG) and Package-3 (Ball Valves, Gate Valves and Plug Valves). For HDD Crossing of Karnafully River, contract has been signed with Gypsum-Gasmin JV. In the meantime notifications of award (NoA) have been issued to contractors for 4 lots/Sections for construction of pipeline. Besides these, land acquisition & requisition is in progress.

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