Construction of Bakhrabad-Siddhirganj Gas Transmission Pipeline

/Construction of Bakhrabad-Siddhirganj Gas Transmission Pipeline

Construction of Bakhrabad-Siddhirganj Gas Transmission Pipeline

Objective of the Project: As part of the 2×150 MW Siddhirganj Peaking Power Station Project, the construction of 30-inch 60-km gas transmission pipeline and associated facilities from Bakhrabad Gas Field to Siddhirganj for supplying of gas to the said power station have been completed under joint-funding of GoB and the World Bank. In addition, gas supply source has been created for supplying gas to existing and to be installed power stations in Meghnaghat, Haripur & Siddhirganj areas and for industrial consumers in Narayangonj including Adamjee EPZ from this pipeline.

Implementation Period: July 2007 to December 2018.

Finance: GoB, Own fund of GTCL, and World Bank.

Project Cost: Tk. 84,970.00 Lac (GoB: 24,710.00, WB: 57,432.00; & GTCL: 2,828)

Progress of Project Implementation: Pipeline was commissioned on 26 November 2014 after the foreign contractor FERNAS Construction Company Inc., Turkey completed construction of 60-km pipeline, 6 Valve Stations, 6 River Crossing by HDD, 3 Metering Stations (Bakhrabad, Haripur & Siddhirganj). In the meantime installation of SCADA System has been completed. Up to June 2017 the contractor has completed total 97% work. Under the same loan of the World Bank, the Company is implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)/Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) System. Contract was signed on 7-4-2016 with turnkey supplier FPT Information System Corporation, Vietnam for implementation of the ERP/EAM System. As per Contact, from 15 May 2016 to November 2017 is the implementation period. The implementation is monitored by 3 local consultants and 1 foreign consultant. Work progress up to June 2017 is 48%. For preparing Business Plan and 10 years Financial Projection, one Individual Financial Consultant has been appointed on 11-5-2017. Since the construction of the pipeline is complete, gas supply to Meghnaghat & Haripur Power Stations and in Narayangonj area are in progress. Scope has been created for additional gas supply to existing & to be installed power stations in Meghnaghat, Haripur & Siddhirganj areas and industrial consumers in the adjoining areas. Gas supply to the Southern part of the country would also be commenced from this pipeline on completion of the Padma Bridge.

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