Construction of Bogura-Rangpur-Saidpur Gas Transmission Pipeline Project

/Construction of Bogura-Rangpur-Saidpur Gas Transmission Pipeline Project

Construction of Bogura-Rangpur-Saidpur Gas Transmission Pipeline Project

Project Director: Khondoker Ariful Islam
Project Name: Bogura-Rangpur-Saidpur Project
Cell No.: 01709639727

 Name of the Project: Construction Of Bogura-Rangpur-Saidpur Gas Transmission Pipeline Project

The objectives of the project :
To supply gas to the gas starving Northern region of the country, the Government of Bangladesh (GOB) had planned to construct 30 OD x 1000 PSIG (70.3 Kg/cm²)  150 KM High Pressure Natural Gas Transmission Pipeline from Bogura to Saidpur. In the geographical and regional context, Saidpur and Rangpur are the most important area for the development of commerce and industry. There are many small and big industries located in Saidpur and Rangpur city and inside the BSCIC. The main purpose of the project is to accelerate socio-economic development by supplying gas to the northern part of the country and to meet the gas demand of commercial & other customer including create opportunity to install gas based power plant and industrial organization.

Implementation Period: October 2018 to June 2021.

DPP approval Date: 04 November 2018

Source of Finance: GOB and GTCL’s Own Fund.

Project Cost: Tk. 137855.00 (GOB: 136852.00 and GTCL: 1003.00) Lacs

Project Activities

• Land Acquisition (305.33 Acres) and Requisition (576.37 Acres);
• Soil and Sub-surface Investigation;
• Procurement of Line Pipes and other Pipeline Materials;
• Construction of 30 Inch OD 150 Km Pipeline with above-ground ancillary installations;
• River and Canal crossing (6 rivers and 2 canals, 2.50 km) by HDD Method on EPC basis;
• Installation of 100 MMSCFD Capacity CGS and 50 and 20 MMSCFD Capacity TBS respectively at Saidpur, Rangpur and Pirganj on EPC basis;
• Land development, Residential Buildings, Non-Residential Buildings and other Buildings and Structures; and
• Installation of CP system.

Project Physical Progress

Land Acquisition (305.33 Acres) and Requisition (576.37 Acres) under the 4 (four) districts Bogura, Gaibandha, Rangpur & Nilphamary are in progress. On the other hand, Procurement of Induction Bends, Coating Materials, different type & size Valves and Miscellaneous Fittings & Pig Trap are completed under the project. On the other hand, Procurement of 30″ OD Line Pipe, Station Pipe and 36″ OD Casing Pipe are in progress. The first Consignment of the Line Pipe have already been arrived at Chattogram Port and the remaining are expected to arrive at Chattogram Port in the month of October and November 2020. Besides, the preparation of the Tender Document are in progress to engage National & International reputed and experienced Contractor against Pipeline Construction, River and Canal crossing by Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) method and Installation of CGS & TBS. The Invitation of tender will publish gradually within next few months. Also, the parallel activities are going on to engage national contractors against Land Development, Retaining and Boundary wall, Residential Buildings & other Building and Structure.

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