Construction of Chittagong-Feni-Bakhrabad Gas Transmission Parallel Pipeline

/Construction of Chittagong-Feni-Bakhrabad Gas Transmission Parallel Pipeline

Construction of Chittagong-Feni-Bakhrabad Gas Transmission Parallel Pipeline

Project Director: Md. Ainul Kabir
Project Name: Chittagong-Feni-Bakhrabad Project
Cell No.: 01730-726836

Inauguration of Commissioning works at Fouzdarhat End, Ctg.

Project Location: Chattogram (Sitakunda & Mirsharai); Feni (Chhagalniya & Feni Sadar) and Cumilla (Chouddagram, Nangalkot, Laksham, Barura, Chandina, Debidwar and Muradnagar)

Implementation Period: July 2016 to December 2021.

Project Cost (in Lakh Tk): 247,941.00 (GoB: 174432.00; PA: 73,489.00 and GTCL: 20.00)

Source of Finance: GoB (174,432.00 lakh Tk), ADB (54,381.86 lakh Tk) & AIIB (19,107.14 lakh Tk) and GTCL (20.00)

Project Objective:

  • To create necessary transportation facilities for supplying surplus imported re-gasified LNG by LNG Terminal from Fouzdarhat to national gas grid to meet the overall gas demand of the country after meeting the demand of Chattogram areas.
  • To construct a 36” X 181.0 km X 1000 psig Gas Transmission Pipeline from Fouzdarhat of Chattogram District to Bakhrabad of Cumilla District via Feni.

Project Activities:

  • Construction of 36’’ diameter, 181 km gas transmission pipeline including 9 (nine) nos valve stations, 2 Nos. off-take stations and 4 (four) nos pig launcher & receiver station;
  • 4 (four) river crossing (Dakatia, Muhuri, Feni, Kalidas) by HDD method;
  • Construction of 02 (two) town border station (TBS) at Mirsharai & Bizra;
  • Construction 01 (one) metering station (MS) at Bakhrabad;
  • Establishment of SCADA & Telecommunication system;
  • Cathodic Protection system;
  • Land Acquisition (372.1 acre) and Requisition (681.38 acre);
  • Land development & Civil works;
  • Resettlement Action Plan;
  • Environmental Mitigation Plan;
  • Safeguards monitoring & reporting.

Project Physical Progress:

  • Land Acquisition & Requisition:

Acquisition in Cumilla, Feni and Chattogram is completed. Notice for requisition has been served but estimate for       requisition compensation not yet finalized by DC offices.

  • Procurement of Materials:

Procurement of Line pipes, Pig Traps & Fittings, Valves, CP & Coating Materials and Pipeline Induction Bends are completed.

  • Construction:
  • Pipeline Construction: Construction of 181 km pipeline is completed and commissioned on 29 February 2020. Gas is flowing to national grid since March 5, 2020.
  • River crossing:

4 rivers (Dakatia, Feni, Muhuri and Kalidas) have been completed (total length 1.78km) by HDD method.

  • TBS and Metering Station:

An EPC Contract Agreement was signed with Valvitalia S.p.A, Italy on September 12, 2018. Civil works viz. control building & others and skid foundation are going on. 50% Materials arrived at site. Physical Progress is 68%.

  • SCADA & Telecommunication system:

Contract signed on 11 November 2019 with NARI Technology, China. Design & drawing preparation and procurement are in progress. Physical progress 15%.

  • Installation of CP System: CP installation contractor has been engaged on February 04, 2020. Due to COVID-19 and monsoon, the installation progress is progressing slowly. Physical Progress is 20%.


  • Resettlement Action Plan:

To compensate the affected land owners on the pipeline right of way, Resettlement Action Plan has been established. For this purpose an NGO, Development Organisation of the Rural Poor (DORP) is working and three committees (PVAC, GRC, JVT) have been formed. One external monitoring expert has also been assigned for monitoring the resettlement action plan implementation according to the donor agencies policy.

  • Environmental Mitigation:

According to the conditions of the environment clearance, Environment Mitigation Plan (EMP) has been prepared and progress has been monitoring during construction. A Grievance Redress Committee (GRC) has also been formed in this regard.


Overall Project Progress (in percentage):

Financial progress up to August 2020 – 87%

Physical progress up to August 2020 – 89%