Construction of Hatikumrul-Bheramara Gas Transmission Pipeline

/Construction of Hatikumrul-Bheramara Gas Transmission Pipeline

Construction of Hatikumrul-Bheramara Gas Transmission Pipeline

Implementation Period: July 2006 to December 2016

Finance: GoB, Asian Development Bank, GTCL

Project Cost: Tk. 73,913.78 Lac (GoB: 26,678.12; ADB: 45,314.25; GTCL: 1,921.41)

Progress of implementation of the project: The agreement signed by the Bangladesh government with the Asian Development Bank for expansion of gas transmission infrastructure in the North-West and South-West areas of the country, through the supply of natural gas through the joint operation of GOB, Asian Development Bank and GTCL, Under the BANSAF-2188, by GTCL with 30 “diameter and about 87 km. Hatikumrul-Bheramara gas transmission pipeline construction project was implemented. The Padma river crossing was the most important part of the above mentioned project. The largest crossing of about 1.2 km river in the country has been successfully completed in the HDD system. Pipeline was commissioned on 20.11.2016, which resulted in the transmission of pipelines in the pipeline upto Khulna. It is possible that commissioning has been done and it is to be noted that the project is completed within the prescribed time and sanctioned expenditure.

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