Construction of Moheshkhali-Anwara Parallel Pipeline

/Construction of Moheshkhali-Anwara Parallel Pipeline

Construction of Moheshkhali-Anwara Parallel Pipeline

Objective of the Project: Construction of 42-inch 79-km pipeline from Moheshkhali of Cox’s Bazar to Anwara of Chittagong for transportation of imported and re-gasified (R-LNG) Liquefied Natural Gas from Maheshkhali & Kutubdia to supply the national gas grid to meet the country’s increased gas demand in Titas franchise areas and Karnafully franchise areas.

Implementation Period: July 2016 to December 2018

Source of Finance: Joint financing of GTCL and 4 companies of Petrobangla (KGDCL, TGTDCL, BGDCL & SGFL)

Project Cost: Tk. 115,742.00 Lac

Progress of Project Implementation: The project is being implemented under “Power and Energy Quick Supply Augmentation (Special Provision) Act, 2010”. The Route Survey, EIA and Soil Investigation for the Project are Complete. Land acquisition & Requisition in Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar are in progress. Contracts have been signed with the suppliers for procurement of Line Pipe and Other related Materials. NoA has been issued for crossing of 3 Rivers and 4 Cannels by HDD. Evaluations of tenders received are in progress for installation of a 1,200 mmscfd CTMS in Anowara, Chittagong. On the other hand, local tenders have been issued in 5 Lots/Sections for construction of pipeline.

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