Maheshkhali Zero Point (Kaladiar Char) – CTMS..

/Maheshkhali Zero Point (Kaladiar Char) – CTMS (Dhalghat Para) Gas Transmission pipeline project

Maheshkhali Zero Point (Kaladiar Char) – CTMS (Dhalghat Para) Gas Transmission pipeline project

Project Director: Mohammad Zakirul Islam
Project Name: Maheshkhali Zero Point-CTMS Project
Cell No.: 01709639694

Name of the Project: Construction of 42-inch 07-km gas transmission pipeline from Moheskhali Zeropoint(Kaladia chor) To CTMS(Dhalghat Para).

The objectives of the project are :
(i) To acclerate the socio-economic developement of the country by evacuating Re-gasified Liquefied Natural Gas (RLNG) to be received at Maheshkhali to national gas grid.

(ii) To construct a 42″diameter 7 km Gas Transmission pipeline from Maheshkhali Zero Point (Kaladia Char) to CTMS (Dhalghat Para) and hookup with under construction 42″ diameter Maheshkhali-Anowara Parallel Pipeline to supply RLNG to National gas grid.

(iii) To meet the Gas demand of gas based power plants and Industries including other consumers.

Implementation Period: October 2018 to March 2021 .

DPP approval Date: 28-10-2018

Source of Finance: GTCL Own Fund

Project Cost: Tk. 30,177.00 Lac

Present status of Project   :

  •  Land Acquisition & Requisition:

The proposal for of 71005-acre land acquisition & 8.2485-acre land requisition had been approved on 28-04-2019 by the District Commissioner, Cox’s Bazar and final notice for the same was issued on 15-05-2019.

The land positioned was handed over to GTCL on 03-11-2019.

  • Pipeline construction on EPC basis:

In order to build 7 km gas transmission pipeline and auxiliary facilities on EPC basis an agreement was signed with China National Offshore Oil Corporation Energy Technology & Services Ltd.(CNOOC), China on 04-12-2018 and which was effective on 01-01-2019.

O2 nos. Platforms, 02 Pig launchers and 01 valve station at Zero Point, 02 Pig Receiver stations at Maheshkhali and 42” diameter 07 Kilometer pipeline have been constructed and commissioned on 17-18 February 2020 and natural gas is being supplied through this pipeline as per demand.

  • 30”/16” Inter Connection

To ensure RLNG supply by the Summit at a specified time hookup between Summit’s 16” Kicker line and existing 30″ pipeline at Zero Point in Maheshkhali was completed and commissioning on 29-04-2019 as an additional work by the contractor CNOOC.

  • Procurement of 1500 mmscfd capacity CTMS on EPC basis:

In order construct 1500 MMSCFD capacity Custody Transfer Metering Station (CTMS) on EPC basis, an agreement signed with Emerson Asia Pacific Private Limited, Singapore, which was effect on 04-07-2019.

Under this contract design and procurement of all materials have been completed. 80% Civil works have been completed and mechanical fabrication works are in progress

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