Gas Transmission Capacity Expansion Ashuganj to Bakhrabad..

/Gas Transmission Capacity Expansion Ashuganj to Bakhrabad Project

Gas Transmission Capacity Expansion Ashuganj to Bakhrabad Project

Objective of the Project: Construction of 30-inch 61-km gas transmission pipeline to transport 200-450 mmscfd gas to Dhaka & Chittagong i.e. in Titas franchise areas and Bakhrabad franchise areas and to install Transmission-Distribution interface metering in some limited places like Monohordi & Dewangonj under Titas Gas T&D Co. Ltd. and Kutumbopur, Feni & Barabkundu under Bakhrabad Gas Systems Limited.

Implementation Period: January 2010 to December 2017

Source of Finance: GoB and Own funds of GTCL

Project Cost: Tk. 74,337 Lac (GoB: 33,102.31 and GTCL: 41,235.22)

Progress of Project Implementation: The implementation of a 30-inch 61-km pipeline parallel to A-B Pipeline is in progress under “Power and Energy Quick Supply Augmentation (Special Provision) Act, 2010” to supply additional gas to Dhaka & Chittagong areas from the gas to be received at Ashuganj from greater Sylhet areas. On completion of 61-km pipeline and 3 River Crossings (Titas, Buri & Gomati) by HDD, the pipeline was commissioned on 31-7-2015. At present 200-250 mmscfd gas from Ashuganj to Bakhrabad is transported through this pipeline for greater Dhaka and greater Chittagong areas. Contract has been signed on 29-4-2016 for installation of 3 Interface Metering Stations (Kutumbopur, Feni, and Barabkundu). About 90% of installation works have been completed of the said 3 Interface Metering Stations. It is expected that by December 2017, it will be possible to supply gas through these stations.

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